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Where to stay in Sitges if Elderly or low mobility?

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What is the Sitges terrain & geography to typical tourist attractions/beaches.

1 Answers

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    Sitges is great even if 80yrs +

    Staying close to Sitges restaurants/beach within easy walking distance please means being along the promenade (East or right, of Sitges main Church, as you look at the sea).
    This means a Sitges hotel or Sitges apartment, but doesn’t necessarily mean a small one. Many on Booking.com or AirBnB, also have a lift.

    Going West or left, of Sitges main Church, means going over the hill with it’s historic Gothic buildings, then undulating paths along the coast to the flat Sitges Marina (can be visited by Sitges L3 bus or taxi from Sitges Station). Sidewalk paths are less hilly and midway along, the lovely San Sebastian Bay Beach, is very worth a visit. But conditions vary and with big slopes, it isn’t easy.

    Villas are rare in town, however they begin further along the promenade (along Passeig de Vilanova, further East or left, of Sitges main town, as you look at the sea). Just past the shops bars and hotels. Subsequently, snapping one up, close by is possible.

    These continue all the way to the Terramar, including a nice area called Vinyet. However towards the far end, it becomes a flat but long walk, with poorly maintained walkways, the further away. There is a tourist bus, trolley/train, driving up and down the coast road, but it costs (up to 4€) & isn’t always regular.

    For a deeper purse and lots of taxis, there are amazing villas on the hills surrounding Sitges, with views of Sitges, big and small. But bus services and walking up them, can spoil a trip for the less able.

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