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What Catering Options are there, for a Wedding in Sitges

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Can I choose something other than a hotel or villa for my wedding dinner?

1 Answers

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    Catering a Sitges wedding at a Hotel or Villa, will be more costly, however there are smaller lower star hotels around which would be cheaper. Or at a smaller villa, one was already renting.

    For real budget, then there are many beaches and then some parks in Sitges. Some, such as the one behind the Terramar, have BBQ ovens, for free catering. The locals often descend on a nice cove with lots of beach mats ‘en mass’ (Balmins is nice for that)

    Sitges Catering (SitgesCatering.com) can arrange catering for such locations. Or for less than 20 people, you might get catering delivered by the likes of Sitges Vip (SitgesVIP.com). Either luxury, with table settings or less… via bike delivery!

    Bigger supermarkets offer ‘group food packages’, such as Carrefour with Sushi (I recon those mentioned above might deliver that low cost catering option, local in Sitges, if for a markup/enough people).

    Enjoy your wonderful day 🙂

    admin - May 28, 2017 | Reply

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