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What are the School Holidays local to Sitges

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When are the kids off School?

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    School Holidays in Barcelona

    A calendar of the school terms in the provinces of Catalonia: Dates may vary between districts.
    Confirm dates with the school in question

    Note also that while all schools close on national public holidays, many also close for their regional holidays and saints’ days Private schools may have slightly different dates; please check with the relevant school

    Catalonia School Year 2017-2018
    Back to school (nursery and primary schools) 12 September 2017
    Back to school (secondary schools) 14 September 2017
    Christmas holiday (Vacances de Nadal) 23 December 2017 to 7 January 2018
    Easter/Spring break (Vacances de Setmana Santa) 24 March to 2 April 2018
    Summer holidays begin 22 June 2018

    Further Information (in Spanish) from the Ministry of Education:
    Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes website For more information visit the Generalitat de Catalunya (in Catalan)

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