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Low cost social media transport for Sitges & Barcelona?

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Do any of the social media transport innovations work in Barcelona & Sitges

1 Answers

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    Transportation Options in Sitges & Barcelona

    • Lyft none due to restrictive transport laws & lack of VTC licenses
    • Uber none due to restrictive transport laws & lack of VTC licenses
    • Cabify active but currently fails in Barcelona due to few VTC licenses being released

      (compared to Madrid) (cabify.com/spain/barcelona)
    • Avancar carsharing (monthly fee, but cheaper than it’s UK version Zipcar). None in Sitges. (avancar.es)
    • SocialCar carsharing via private car owners.
      A few in Sitges but prices similar to traditional car rental Similar, but occasional 20€ bargain. (socialcar.com/en)
    • Drivy an expanding french firm similar to Socialcar carsharing (drivy.es)
    • Amovens ridesharing (none in Sitges), carhire & peer-to-peer car renting (amovens.com)
    • Bluemove carsharing marketplace some in Barcelona, none in Sitges (but expanding since bought by Europcar – bluemove.es)

    Madrid has many more eco transport activity then Barcelona with the likes of industry leaders such as Car2Go (Mercedes, Smart), PSA’s electric car platform Emov (Peugeot y Citröen), and BMW’s DriveNow in Madrid soon too, due to more restrictive regulations and the pressure of Taxi’s etc. At Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona’s SEAT, one of a few, raised hopes to break through the protests, but may not realise how extreme they could get, with cars burn in the past. In France tyre burning street blockades also rule.

    Other peer-to-peer car renting platforms and moto sharing networks (eCooltra, YUGO &Motit) with their ‘Sitges Barcelona hire rental’ like, prices, are the lowest fees for the time being. Which may hold back the whole city, when compared to mobility in others.

    see a whole article : http://www.barcinno.com/automobile-barcelona-a-look-at-the-citys-urban-transport-tech-landscape/

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