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Is Montserrat Monastery worth a visit?

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Getting to Montserrat and info please

1 Answers

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    Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey

    Reached by road via hairpin bends, 1.5 hour train ride towards Manresa then cable car.

    Montserrat Benedictine monastery cathedral, far. not easy to get to, but the scenery up in the 1,236m/4,055ft mountains is excellent.

    FGC train hourly from 08:36 at Barcelona’s Plaza España 48k/30mile to Aeri de Montserrat, which links with the Cremallera cable car 15-minute ride, every 20 mins to the monastery.

    Spectacular 10th century buildings, 150 monks and choir
    (was 12 noon weekdays and 1pm Sundays).

    Sanctuary for scholars, artists, politicians and students in Franco era. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Maria_de_Montserrat_Abbey

    The two combined tickets via vending machines Trans Montserrat (€ 26.60) and Tot Montserrat (€ 42.65) are ideal for day trips from Barcelona (enc entrance to the museum and a menu at the restaurant.)

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