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Has Sitges changed for the worst?

Asked by: 1500 views Living, Safety

Prices, Crime, Cleanliness, Facilities, Atmosphere, Crowding… what is the skinny!

1 Answers

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    British Local : 10 Years : 2017 Response
    Prices has rise as is typical over time…
    with the bars all conveniently charging similar in town!
    (but means public drunkenness remains low & a supermarket bottle of Cava. is nice and cheap for the beach, listening to the waves)
    Definitely more distraction phone thefts (especially during big events). Some muggings very late at night normally, especially on the beach, with young males repeatably attracting mates into the situation. (travel to and from Barcelona is the biggest worry)
    Definite problem with doggy poo… in the side streets. More graffiti, especially on businesses premises before new owners take over.
    Still not lots to do on a rainy day, but a summer paradise.
    Some walk ways out of town have been badly maintained (especially around the Terramar back roads)
    As good as always… people are more wary of friendly locals, due to thefts. But not too much.
    Peak times and events are becoming more and more popular.

    admin - May 28, 2017 | Reply

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