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Driving to Sitges from Barcelona or Castelldefels

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Do you have to pay the toll every day or if I am holiday longer, is there a cheaper monthly fee option?

1 Answers

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    The Toll charges from Barcelona, via Castelldefels on the C32

    You can take the windy coastal road for free, adding 15 mins to the trip, but you get sea views all the way!

    If keen on the motorway, there are monthly deals, discounts for more than 3 passengers and free for an electric car!

    ViaT, the electronic system. can save you quite a bit
    (400€ over year, if commuting to Barcelona and live in Sitges or Vilanova etc.)

    The Discount Simulator can help you plan your trips: https://www.autopistas.com/es/simulador-de-descuentos


    – ECO Electrical
    100% discount for electric vehicles on the C-16 , the C-32 , and the barriers of the C-33 in Mollet.
    More information: https://www.autopistas.com/es/eco-electrico
    – High Occupancy Vehicle
    40% discount for three or more passengers on the C-32 and C-33 .
    More information: https://www.autopistas.com/es/vao



    C-32 Castelldefels-El Vendrell (Motorway Pau Casals)


    Autopistes de Catalunya, SACGC (Unipersonal)
    Av. Del Parc Logístic 12-20 (Free Zone)
    08040 Barcelona

    Tel. 24h: 902 200 320

    http://Www.autopistas.com autopistas@abertisautopista.com

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