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Do we need to reserve Sitges Restaurants in summer?

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Are Sitges Restaurants busy enough in summer, to reserve a place, long before arrival.

1 Answers

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    It doesn’t normally cost to reserve, or require a deposit. Subsequently, whilst one doesn’t want to let a venue down or cancel last thing, it is best to book ahead on restaurants you like.

    As they are likely to be ones popular with others & Sitges can be very busy during events, weekends, lunchtimes and all peak summer.

    Most food establishments in Sitges, limit the amount of time allowed, prior to a booking, but it varies.

    Later, the further you get from June to August, means restaurants in Sitges, are less likely to be full (48 hours may do) and at the extremes during winter, one is best to call to ensure the venue is actually open (as some close).

    Sunday lunchtime can be busy all year

    Phones is best, emails often go unanswered and Facebook sometimes too. Popping into restaurants in person, to reserve, at the start of your Sitges holiday is an option. English is often understood.

    Roof tops and dinner shows, often require booking ahead of time (e.g Queenz).

    Just eat, Facebook and other social media portals represent Sitges for bookings and SitgesRestaurants.com has info.

    admin - May 31, 2017 | Reply

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