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Do I need to change my EU UK driving licence?

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Becoming a Spanish Catalan resident, do I need a new licence to drive

1 Answers

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    You should change your driving license withing 6 months living here (getting an empadronado).
    Or you may have to pay a 200€ fine!

    Pretty easy to change a driving licence:
    – Take photos
    – a medical test and
    – some paper work/forms

    Places to deal with it close to the DGT in Barcelona BCN, also a place in Castelldefels.

    Spanish license also needs to be renewed every 10 years

    Official site forms etc.: https://sede.dgt.gob.es/es/tramites-y-multas/permiso-de-conduccion/canje-de-permisos/espana.shtml?fref=gc

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