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Best place to watch parades at Sitges Carnival?

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What tips can I get on Sitges Carnival and it’s parades?

1 Answers

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    Sitges Carnival weekend attracts 250k with trains running all night to Barcelona, during parades.

    Parades starts around 8pm on Sunday and Tuesday before slowly making its way around the town.

    Trains and buses are packed so give yourself plenty of time to get settled, many roads are also closed, along with parade route barriers limiting the ease of movement once crowds develop.
    Watch your valuables, take as few as possible and enjoy!

    Lasts for four days, with daytime kid and adult nighttime parades (Sunday & more popular Tuesday).
    There are events surrounding the Carnival Queen.
    A ‘Venetian Masks Ball’ with chamber classical music and opera singers.

    Best place to view the best Carnival in Catalonia with it’s 2 parades. ‘Cap de la Vila’ (a little square in the center of town), can be too crowded for kids.

    There a relatively open areas at ‘Playa Espanya’… with crowds there just to watch the procession.

    Therefore it is less lively than along the promenade/seafront with the greatest space, where it’s a younger crowd and far more people dress up.

    admin - May 28, 2017 | Reply

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