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Best local Aqua Park

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What are the local Aqua Parks like, near Sitges?

1 Answers

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    AquaLeon (Aqua leon ) is cheap, but it is no use unless you buy the pass that lets you jump the queues. Also Aqua Leon had a major slide closed for repairs.

    Aquopolis is a bit further down South, but 10 times better than Aqualeon (I worked in Aqualeon as a life guard for years)
    Speedy pass at around 15 euros each. is needed. Too long to wait, without it.
    Aqualeon has too many tube slides

    If you have young kids, look into the height restrictions.

    There is one north of Barcelona which is also good

    Close end of September

    admin - Sep 17, 2017 | Reply

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